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Encore School Of Dance


CRB Certified.

Fully Insured.


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Tel: 01492 660330


child protection policy statement

  • All dancers will be respected equally whatever their age, developement stage, ability, grade, gender or ethnic origin.
  • The safety and well-being of children will be placed first and before any personal or organisational goals of the teacher.
  • Appropriate relationships formed between teacher and dancer will be based on mutual trust and respect.
  • The vulnerability of children will be acknowledged with all reasonable precautions being taken to prevent any exploitation or abuse.
  • The class will commence promptly and end on time. Please ensure the safe arrival and departure of your child.
  • Unauthorised absences of dancers from the class will not be permitted.  It is a matter of etiquette to ask the teachers permission to the leave the class for whatever reason e.g to go to the toilet which is a safety issue as the teacher needs to know where the child is.
  • We request that he/she visits the toilet before the start of class.
  • Any dancer who complains of feeling unwell or is otherwise distressed will be taken seriously and if neccessary advised on how best to complete the remainder of the session minimising the risk of further injury or further distress.  When he/she is collected at the end of class the parent/guardian will be advised of their complaint.
  • Disruptive behaviour by individual students cannot be permitted.  In the extreme case that it becomes neccessary to discuss disruptive behaviour with an individual student it will be done in the presence of their own parent or guardan.  Students will then be advised of the impact of their disruptive behaviour both on the teacher to teach effectively and on the attitudes or progress of other students.  At the same time, such discussions will stress to the dancer positive benefits of acceptable behaviour and will also emphasise that they are valued members of the class.
  • I will happily discuss with you at an appropriate time any queries you may have.